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Super Mario Bros. 3

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 1990

Written by: El Gordo

Well here we are lucky number three, the third game in this trilogy for the NES. Similar to the first one, way different than the second one, and all around different from the other two games. We all know the main character of the game, you know who he is and if you donít know it than I have lost all hope. We all know the plot, save Princess Toadstool from Bowser (not King Koopa). We all know the world system, although it has been completely retooled. Each world is like a world of its own and in some ways feels like a game a within the game. Each world has its own characteristics, Grass Land (no the other kind of grass that you mow, get your head out of the gutter), Desert Land, and a bunch of others. Toad is back to help you out, in this game he gives you a choice of opening up one of three chests in his house. A role playing element is apparent in the game; you now have a list of items that can be used to help you out. Some items are a mushroom, fire flower, star, anchor (yes an anchor), music box, super leaf, and various other things. Each item has its own special use, the more items you have the better just be careful if your lists gets too big some will start disappearing. Airships are now part of this game and bring a nice difference to the flow of the game. Each kingdom has been taken over by Bowserís 7 kids, which makes me wonder is he a she? Warping is a completely different concept; you have to find whistles that allow you to warp. The dungeon/castle things are still there but are way different and some of them are quit a challenge to get through.

The controls on this game are comfortable. Your thumbs might get tired from all the flying around. Itís amazing how Nintendo fit all of these controls into just two buttons. The music is great and each world has its own music, example grass land music is different than desert land. Each individual world is the same with the exception of a few. The pipe worlds have the same catchy tune. But, itís all sounds good.

Overall, one solid game. We were introduced to new things in the Mario series, but thatís a good thing. Fortunately this game is entertaining, if you donít find it entertaining than you have serious issues. If you havenít played this game or heard of it, like the previous two in the series when did you start playing video games? Itís out on the GBA, but it is different. Itís the same concept though. This is one challenging game and never gets old, it has hours of replay in it which is funny because it usually takes a few hours to go through from start to finish. If you have it I hope you were entertained, if you donít I donít know what to say. Play it and find out for yourself.

Graphics: Excellent for itís time. Clouds actually have some texture, and the characters look like they have been touched up 4.0
Sound: Very good. The music for every different world is not the same and fits the theme for that world your in. 4.5
Playability:Pretty damn amazed that Nintendo did all of that with 2 buttons and it still handles well. Too bad most games today control like you are trying fit a potato into an apple.The storyline was much better than the first two. Itís awesome to see some Role Playing elements in this series. 4.75
Bang for your buck: Worth every penny on any system. If you have on all three systems it was released on, NES, SNES, and GBA, you know what I am talking about, if you donít have it on either of these systems and never played. You are punished to watch ďThe WizardĒ with Fred Savage. 4.5
Far ahead of itís time. It is a great game, one that is still memorable after all these years 4.5 / 5.0