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Super Mario Bros. 2

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 1987

Written by: El Gordo

The sequel to the popular first game. We now see four characters in use Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad. This game no longer has the block smashing or fireball throwing aspect that the first game had. We now see Mario in another world called Sub-con (sub-conscious). Some of the aspects of going through the game are way different than the first game. At the beginning of each world you get to pick any of the four characters mentioned above. All of the characters have different likenesses, but they can all jump, pick up, and dig which are key in the game. They do all jump in differently, The Princess now hovers and glides while holding the A button. The point of attack now is to pick up fruit or vegetables grown from grass on the ground or you can hop on top of a bad guy and pick him up to throw at another bad guy. Some grass reveals bombs and the awesome new character bob-omb. The world scheme is way different than first one; ice and quicksand are now the terrain for certain areas. There are now bossís at the end of each world instead of fighting a bunch of fakes. The main evil character is Wart.

The controls are the same as the first game, solid and clean. The game flow can sometimes slow down, but thatís not really a big deal. The throwing aspect is a little sensitive, so you might want to practice a little. Digging can sometimes be a chore depending on which character you pick, Toad is the strongest and best for digging. Musically it is pretty good, and very different than the first game (it gets on your nerves sometimes). The sound effects are pretty good, as for the storyline very confusing and the end of the game will not help at all. It only confuses you more.

As before this game is entertaining, if you havenít played it or the previous one I have no idea what games you have been playing. Makes me wonder if you have even heard of this game before. Anyhoo, itís also out on the GBA, if you have an NES dust it off, find the game, and play it. You will either be annoyed or entertained, but who isnít going to be annoyed by blowing up walls or enemies named Sniffit? Heck if you donít like the game you could always get some laughs and blow yourself up. This is one heck of a way to let out your anger, just blow the hell out of something. Happy playing and remember itís only a dreamÖÖÖÖ.

Graphics: Better than the first. The snow is more easily recognized. Night time looks awesome with stars in the background 3.5
Sound: If can get pretty annoying. 2.0
Playability:Solid Control. Thumbs might get a little tired from maneuvering the flying carpet. The Storyline was way different than the first. The ending might get confusing and you will probably feel ripped off. If you have played it, if you haven't I have lost all faith in gaming. 3.75
Bang for your buck: If we were thinking this were fireworks. This would be a sparkler. It just makes a spark. 3.0
Pretty sweet who doesnít like to throw stuff at people? There is nothing better than blowing up some crap. In the wise words of John Belushi in Animal House, ďFood Fight!!!!!!!Ē 4.0 / 5.0