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Super Mario Bros.

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 1985

Written by: El Gordo

What is there more to say about this game? We all know it; we have all played (hopefully). This game consists of 32 worlds. 24 regular worlds and 8 dungeons. As you progress further into the game the worlds get harder and the more you might want to throw your controller at the television. The game can be played in two player mode Mario and Luigi. The bad guys include goombas, koopa-troopas, para-troopas, and the ever popular hammer bros. One annoying part of the game is in world 2-3 where the damn fish fly up to hit you. Some worlds consist of swimming, while some took place underground where you entered a pipe at the beginning of the world.

The music is pretty standard and if you havenít played the game, (which I have no idea why you havenít), you have probably heard it sampled by some fake rapper or from another source. The controls are pretty damn good, which I have no idea why they wouldnít. Jump, smash, throw fireballs, break bricks, and capture flags are the whole concept of the game before you save the Princess from King Koopa all seems pretty simple to me. Warp areas were introduced in this game and comes in handy. Stars that were touched by the two heroes have made you invincible for a few seconds. Beanstalks revealed a small mini-game, collecting coins in the sky.

So there you have it Super Mario Bros., if you havenít played your in luck itís on the GBA. If you have played it, then you know exactly what I am talking about when I say it is a pretty entertaining game. Donít feel the same way I do, oh well. In the now infamous writing from this game. ďThank you Mario but, our Princess is in another castleĒ. And, with that I am out.

Graphics: Good for itís time. Nice and clean 3.0
Sound: Memorable tunes that have probably been ripped off a bunch of times. If you havenít heard them, what do you listen to when you play video games? 3.0
Playability:Controls and handles like a champ. If you havenít played this game and donít know what the plot is. Where have you been in the past fifteen years? I have 3 year old nephews who have played it. Good for its time, and pretty simple 3.5
Bang for your buck: It bangs. If you have a Nintendo already itís a sweet deal if you can find it, I have seen it for 50 cents at a thrift store. If you have a GBA, 20 clams, is pretty steep and there are other classic NES games on the GBA 3.5
Pretty solid game play. It will test your control skills, and it is still a classic after all these years 3.0 / 5.0