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Star Tropics

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 1990

Written by: El Gordo

O.K. game with a semi-o.k. storyline. The story consists of a boy named Mike who goes to visit his uncle on C Island. He finds out, in the beginning that his uncle has disappeared. Being the brave (and I am using the term loosely here) boy you are you enter the caves on C island and start your adventure. You have a robot that helps throughout the game. When the robot shows up it doesn’t mean anything more than, you have either beaten the level or he needs a code from you to input into the submarine you navigate. Your weapon of choice? A yo-yo!!!!!! And you don’t even have to pay for it, later you get a flail which is stronger, and ultimately you get a shooting star nova.

The game play is pretty crappy. The items you get are pretty damn confusing to use, the mirror sucks. Levels are even worse, some are really super long and some are just plain stupidly short. The level where you get swallowed by a whale is just idiotic. After finding your uncle you are basically in levels that are pretty hard and will require you to actually reset the game. The dumbest idea of the game was that some genius decided it would be cool to attach a fake letter to the guide booklet and have you run water (???) over it exposing a code that would allow you to continue with the storyline. There are really no main characters and you might feel jipped after you find the uncle. I’ll spoil it for you so you won’t have to get pissed alone. You enter a spaceship.

Overall it’s an ok game if you like this sort of stuff. By sort of stuff I mean, be completely confused and pissed because the game should be easy considering the semi-decent storyline and completely ridiculous weapons you use (did I mention the mirrors sucked?). The music, pretty disappointing because I was actually trying to find something good about this game. It’s really nothing inspiring and sounds nothing like you were on an island. The funniest thing is you are supposed to be on some tropical island and there is a castle that you visit and the women (yes I said women) are dressed like Vikings.

Graphics: Nothing special. The pirate skeletons look cool though. 3
Sound: If you have a stereo play a CD in the background quick! Completely uninspiring 2
Playability:Nintendo did an ok job with it. Controlling can be a chore and finding items to use can be a headache. I have read Sunday comic strips that sounded better. Terrible with no suspense 1
Bang for your buck: I already banged it………………with a hammer 2
It’s not too bad, if you are into games like these. The price fits how much it really is worth (I have seen it go for as low as 50 cents). But I think if a game is going to be this difficult, the storyline should be worth it. For this game it is not the case. 1.8 / 5.0