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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Silicon Knights
Release Date: March 2004

Written by: Squall

After 13 years…..the Metal Gear series makes its return to its birthplaces, the home Nintendo System. Konami re-released Metal Gear Solid (which was a hit on the Playstation console back in 1998) on the Gamecube

For those who aren’t familiar with the Metal Gear series, you control Solid Snake. An expert mercenary who has to infiltrate a base in Alaska to stop the launching of a new weapon “Metal Gear.” Along the way, you have to make your way through various areas, some rooms armed with guards, cameras, as well as traps placed in various rooms. These traps include Infrared motion detectors, gun cameras, claymore mines, and my favorite, the trap door. While going through the game, your goal is to not be spotted by the enemy, or the camera. Otherwise the base knows where you’re at and will send guards to hunt you down while you try to evade. If you manage to evade being spotted again long enough, everything returns back to normal.

One of the things that just caught my attention right away is the fact that the game looks so clean (in comparison to the PSX version) It’s really hard to come across a game where the characters during game play, look so lifelike.

The soundtrack got remixed. In the PSX version, the encounter theme (when you’re spotted and trying to evade) sounds a bit pressured, stressed even, while the boss theme sounds like you’re fighting for your life. Meanwhile, the rest of the tracks sounded like dark espionage music mixed with a cheap ‘futuristic’ squaresoft sound)

In this game however; the game managed to keep a nice upbeat sound, while remaining apathetic. Sound effects even took an upgrade with more of a realistic sound. I think one of the best aspects, to the title (as well as its predecessor) was the voice acting the cast added a lot of life to the characters. The voices seem to have fit the character. Whether you’re a mercenary, a Colonel guiding the mercenary, the smart girl, the scientist, or much more.

The controlling of the game has changed just a little bit due to the fact that the PSX has 2 more buttons. But it’s just something that after about 20 minutes of playing, you should be pretty accustomed too.

One of the biggest attributes to this re-release is that they incorporated elements of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (released in 2001 on the PS2….as well as in 2002 repackaged as Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on the Xbox, PS2, and PC (which added a few new features in comparison to the original PS2 Release). Such elements include first person aiming, a revamped item menu (where the items are grouped by type...also being able to clearly see quantities of the items in your inventory). For those who are familiar with MGS2, you were able to point your weapon at the guards, they would freeze, and give you their dog tags. They brought the same feature back into this version For the most part, it’s the same game that you play on the playstation, with a little more depth to the storyline, as well as a few items being moved around for easiness.

Speaking of Easiness, there are now 5 levels of difficulty; Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme (just like MGS2). Hard and extreme modes, there are two ways to have your game end. Game ends if you die (traditional version), or your game is over if you’re spotted by enemy or camera. (Let’s just say my attempt at game over being spotted ended just cause a guard spotted me while ducking under the very first obstacle)

There is also a new bonus feature incorporated into the game that comes up when u beat it. It’s called “Boss Survivor” and you get to fight all 10 boss battles in the game while trying to survive. Once you beat the game, you are given a code you use to see your stats (as well as compare stats) when you play the game, as well as against other games.

Bottom line is that Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes shows the true power of the gamecube. Konami gets props fordoing something Square-Enix failed to do when it comes to re-releasing a game. That is completely re-building the game from Square one. The effort Konami and Nintendo put into this project truly shows.

Graphics: Truly an impressive look, all though a bit disappointed at the basic look of the ‘codec’ scenes. 4.5
Sound: Amazing quality in music, sound effects, and voiceovers. I just wish the soundtrack for this title was released. 5.0
Playability:All though the storyline is good and always keeps changing up, with its memorable cast of characters, the controlling on this version is awkward and makes the game a little bit harder than it already is. At least the menus are easier to go through 3.5
Bang for your buck: It feels like a brand new game. The additional features such as the boss battles, and the record viewing online truley give you a reason to play the game again. 4.5
I don't think i'll touch my PSX copy for a while. Such an awesome game. 4.3 / 5.0