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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Publisher: Working Designs
Developer: Game Arts
Release Date: Spring 1999

Written by:Squall

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. The original version of the game was released on the Sega CD and it was a monster hit. Years later, Working Designs (the makers of the game) gave the game a new life by revamping it for the play station. Is this game truly worthy of being among the play station best?

The storyline involves the main character Alex whom is an average boy with big dreams of becoming a Dragon Master, just like his hero, Dragon Master Dyne. He has two friends named Luna (a girl with an awesome voice) and Ramus (a ‘future’ business man…looking for a quick buck) so those three take off for an incredible adventure…..I would say more, but I’m not trying to kill a storyline.

The whole game to me has a real simple feel. Most of the basic scenes including battle themes have a real clean 16 bit to it. (IE: Chrono Trigger) I love the fact, this game instead of using your typical computer generated scenes (such as the ones you find in most games) , it uses some really high quality anime scenes and the voice actors, bring a lot of life into the characters who alone are filled with a great spirit. All though some scenes seem to be a bit overacted.

The music seems almost too perfect for the game. It fits like putting the circle block into the circle hole of the toys you played with as a child. A rarity to completely capture the mood of the location, as well as the emotions while playing the game. All though the true downside to the sound is the 16-bit music featured in game…just doesn’t have that full depth that is needed for a true masterpiece. (However; when the game was originally and re-released…all NEW copies included the soundtrack which had some revamped tracks from both the Sega CD version of Lunar as well as music featured on the game. The in-game music reminds me of running through the sprinklers during a hot summer day. The CD music is more of a bad-ass water park.

this is one of very few games that have the AI built in. What that means is that you can let the AI (computer) select the best attacks for…either all the characters throughout the whole battle, all characters for a specific period of time (till you cancel it), or just select individual characters to use AI in their turn.. The AI at times is not the brightest because instead of attacking, it runs. The AI is also known for using magic spells when able to (meaning, it’ll usually do the attack that will wipe out the most enemies first or something along those lines). Another unique battle feature is the ability to move around the screen to potentially avoid getting hit, plus some characters (depending on what weapon is equipped) may actually be able to strike the enemy physically more than once (depending on both the weapon, and distance from the enemy).

as for boss battles, Lunar is one of those games that leveling up doesn’t mean anything. The stats of your bosses are based on the current level of Alex. Meaning if Alex is LVL4 and the boss has a HP count of 800*Alex’s level. His HP is 3200. The same can be said about strength, defense, and other key stats.

Depending on the player, will vary this playback value a little. As the case with most RPGs, once you're done....there isn’t anything to do. But ever since I've owned the game since release date, it always drew me back with its storylines, easy playability, simple ness, and most of all fun. Don't expect to beat this one in a few days

Overall, this is one of those ‘must get’ games for any gamer who likes a challenge.
NOTE: When this game was released in May of 1999. The average price was between $60 and $75. It was worth it. You received two game discs, one audio CD, and one making the game CD....each disc designed nicely. You also received an instruction book, as well as a cloth map.

Graphics: Great cut scenes. All though wasn't satisfied with the 16-bit in-game look 4.0
Sound: Should have stuck with digital quality instead of the 16-bit sound. The only exception is the voice acting 3.5
Playability: Controlling isn't so bad, its semi-typical for a RPG. From start to finish, it's like a book I just couldn't put down. Amazing mix of characters and storylines. 3.5
Bang for your buck: *Varies based on how you purchased it* The extra's are truely awesome. However; the game is still worth it. 4.5
A true adventure for any RPG fan 4.0 / 5.0