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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Publisher: Working Designs
Developer: Game Arts
Release Date: December 2000

Written by:Squall

the memories of the day this game were released, and how excited I was. How I couldn’t wait to play it and embark on this adventure. Even to this day it still captures certain elements that other games miss on, and vice versa.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (which during this article will be referred to as EBC) is the Revamped sequel to Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (which during this article will be referred to as SSSC). Some of the same characters still play a role in the game, but unlike most games, the one thing I like about it, is that it continues some of the events of the first lunar but with a different group of characters.

it’s an improvement over SSSC because it has more of a cleaner look. The areas, the character design, it just looks good and the anime cut scenes really put the icing on the cake on this title The voice acting seems to be a bit more realistic and believable versus the original.. The music is just amazing. The soundtrack actually fits the game as well as the location and it’s very rare to have a good mix of traditional RPG music with a few modern day tracks. Just like its predecessor, I was still very disappointed with the fact that working designs continued to use the 16 bit music in game. Some tracks were revamped and appear on the soundtrack CD that came when you purchased the game. (Trust me, you’ll hear a difference). Once again, we have another amazing plot with some nice little twists in.

The menu has been cleaned up and functions better in this game vs. SSSC, but everything else, basically remains the same control wise. The one thing that I think most people can tell right off the back is that compared to SSSC, the bosses’ stats are the same no mater what level you are o as well as the fact that if you fight the boss long enough, or just happen to have the ‘strategy guide’ you’ll learn that each boss does a certain attack depending on their stance. I find this cheap and make a boss battle too predictable because if you know what to expect, you can easily plan accordingly.

NOTE: When this game was released in December of 2000. The average price was between $70 and $75. It was worth it. You received three game discs, one audio CD, and one making the game CD....each disc designed nicely. You also received an instruction book, character pop-ups that you can put on a solid surface (the heads pop up and down below it has their name), Lucia’s pendant, and a cloth map.

Lunar EBC is another welcomed addition to the Playstation family, as well as the RPG Genre. All though like its predecessor, some of the same hits and misses, still apply. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Graphics: Like it's predecessor; fantastic cut scenes are overshadowed by the 16-bit in-game graphics 3.75
Sound: Like it's predecessor, the music isn't bad, however; it is cheapened with the 16-bit sound. 3.75
Playability:Menu system is improved, storyline and everything is still solid. 4.0
Bang for your buck: Buy the game itself or with the extras you will not be disappointed. 4.0
A great game with some good extras. However, the 16-bit look and sound hold it back from a better score 4.0 / 5.0