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Kirby's Adventure

Genre: Action/adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL Labs
Release Date: 1993

Written by:El Gordo

Kirby is a pink little bundle of happiness that lives on a tiny star called Dream Land. Something called a "Star Rod" is missing from the Dream Spring which causes the inhabitants of Dream Land to have dreams. (Sounds pretty straight forward) I'll skip ahead to the actual game and cross my fingers that at some point in time you actually played the game. The game has seven different worlds that are completely different than the others. Each world has it's own uniqueness, not like Super Mario Bros. 3, but all have single worlds to explore and complete. Some levels have switches and when activated new areas of the current world your in are exposed. Museums, battle arenas, or mini-games are usualy opened up. Each one is different and serve different purposes for example museums have enemies, where Kirby can get new skills. Battle arenas are areas where you fight mini-bosses and get there special skill. Mini-games are places to win extra lives (there are 3 in the game and vary in gameplay), my personal favorite is the quick draw mini-game.

Skills can be obtained by Kirby inhaling an enemy and swallowing it (that cannibal). There is a long list so I will just narrow the list to the ones I like, if you don't like them sue me. I can't make everyone happy you know. The list includes tornado, beam, laser, freeze, ice, u.f.o, and body slam. Most of the techniques are quite illogical and make no sense. Take tornado for example, it makes you invincible for a period of time. But why the hell can't you detroy blocks with them? Beam is pretty cool, but it can't light fuses? U.F.O. is just a waste, why use it? It only lasts for 1 level. Other than that Kirby can fly, swim, slide, and blow little puffs of air. For every 7 worlds there are 7 bosses to fight, I must add Meta Knight is the best one out of all of them. It must be added that getting 100% completion is pretty tedious and kind of a rip off. You don't really get anything special for completing Extra Game. I'll spare you the trouble of going through the whole game and possibly having to go through anger management, you get to sound test the game.

The graphics for this game are pretty cool, something different from the norm and actually executed well. The game handles very well, considering how the d-pad is the main function for floating, swimming, swallowing, and moving L/R (left and right for some you rocket scientists). Most of the sound effects are pretty decent and some of the tracks aren't to bad either (better than some of the other crap games I have played). I can't really interject with anything storyline wise, because all your really doing is putting the Star Rod back together. Did I say how illogical some the skills were?

Graphics: Not to shabby for an NES game, it reminds me of looking at the ice cream counter at Baskin-Robbins 2.75
Sound: Not bad, sound effects fit the game but some of the level tracks are just blah 3.25
Playability:Solid and clean. A lot better than most games nowadays, it actually uses all of the buttons on the NES controller unlike some games where you have 25 buttons and only use 6 3.0
Bang for your buck: If you are a real Nintendo nut, this is a must have. If you just like to play decent games, this is either a hit or a miss for you. Honestly, I think it is a semi-lukewarm game. For what Nintendo was offering at the time of this release, Pinball had a better storyline 2.75
Not to shabby if you like action platformers from a side scrolling angle or if you like fighting trees with huge noses. The only replay value I found was fighting Meta Knight and the cut scenes for each world. BTW, some of the skills are illogical if you didn't get the memo. Like I said before. This game is either going to be a hit or miss with some people, mainly because the gameplay is slow. Some of these worlds are pretty big on the screen and trying to navigate them with all of the screwy controls can be a chore 3.0 / 5.0