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Home Alone

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC
Release Date: 1991

Written by: Squall

Home Alone was a popular movie released in the late 80s/early 90s about a kid named Kevin who was accidentally left home alone while his family went on vacation in France . Meanwhile, a couple of burglars plan on robbing the house and Kevin is the main line of defense.

What made the movie funny for me growing up was when the burglars got hurt by one of the traps. What the game does is have you run around for 20 minutes while avoiding the two guys. Your traps consist of ‘items’ that you scatter around and when the burglar gets hit, he falls down and doesn’t get back up for a few seconds.  While the imagination can easily make believe you left toy cars on the staircase; you are basically dealing with kids and crooks that have the IQ of a half eaten watermelon. (The game isn't that easy to survive 20 minutes placing traps without getting caught. Like i said, with everyone around the same IQ range, its pretty much a fair fight)

Kevin’s thoughts;  “Hey, I know how I can defend my house, I’ll just get boxes of stuff and leave the box laying around so I don’t get hit, forget using my real tarantula, if I use the box of one, it’ll sting the burglars. I hope the box of nails really trips them up, he he he he”  

Burglar’s thought; “Duh, let’s just get this kid, what we will do is run around his house, and to give him a shot because we’re obviously bigger and faster than he his, just trip on the boxes; but if he moves the boxes, we can trip on them again. This should be fun; I hope we can catch him so we can take away his NES and a copy of a really crappy game that he’s playing”

The graphics are suprisingly decent and you can tell that most of the detail to the entire game was all put in graphics. Well, with that being said,  you would think  would control right. Well, you have to be in very specific spots to use the drainage pipe to climb down, or to enter the stairs. Otherwise you’re wasting your precious seconds and you might not have your boxes laid out in time.  A game with a very limited soundtrack and sound effects also doesn't help this game's score.

Another example of a moving being made into a playable piece of crap that was playable on a Nintendo Entertainment System.


Graphics:    Despite almost anything else; the graphics are actually decent. 2.5
Sound:  Limited Soundtrack and sound effects. 0.25
Playability:Despite basic 'grab and place' controlling; some areas require u to be in a specific spot to go up/down ladders 0.5
Bang for your buck: If someone paid you $5 bucks to take this game, you still paid too much. 0.0
 This game is so bad it put's Shaq Fu and NES' American Gladiators to shame. The graphics saved it's score from being flushed down the toilet. 0.6 / 5.0