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Final Fantasy VIII

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Publisher: Squaresoft
Developer: Squaresoft
Release Date: 9/9/1999

Written by:

Final Fantasy VIII is the 8th installment of the Final Fantasy series. The game revolves around a teenager named Squall as he is currently in training to become a SeeD (a mercenary) to be dispatched all over the world.. Little does he know that his life is about to be turned upside down with a whirlwind of an adventure to save the world.

The main storyline for the game revolves around a sorceress; but in reality its about love and how the main character grows over the length about the game. Cut scene wise it looks so crisp and beautiful that you forget you’re playing a game, and they even added a few more scenes that where you can move around while a FMV is going down. In-game graphics are good, but nothing to brag about.

Your ears will be thanking you for this piece of work, as the music just really sets the tone for what is about to happen, as well as having that crisp sound. Though some may be puzzled at the fact that this game took a change in its magic system; how instead of having magic points and items to restore MP, you instead can draw your magic out of monsters and stockpile them till needed. As well as instead of traditional getting stronger with leveling, you can junction spells to your stats and basically give your characters a major boost. As well as the fact that to make your weapons, you have to find or buy these magazines that tell you what items you need to make them. The weird thing is that after if you can get your stats right, then upgrading your weapons won’t be that important.

Just expect to get a little annoyed with some of the mini games that are placed at really awkward times and they aren’t the easiest to master right away. I’m not a fan of trying to play a “Rock Paper Scissors’ type game when you’re hanging on a rope fighting an enemy, or “hit the button at the right time to attack your opponent”. It just seems like if these little bits were removed, it would keep the games intensity going and not tend to slow it down. Though the card game is rather unique that you can play various people and win cards for your collection. Perhaps the best mini game in Final Fantasy VIII

There are also your traditional side quests which you can do to get rare and better items; but like Final Fantasy VII they have the “weapons” you may fight and even though there are only two, they will test you, including the omega weapon which is the strongest monster in the game.

Overall, this is just proof of what the Playstation is really capable of in terms of quality games. (Well, except for most of the mini games though)

Graphics: Great, but not perfect 4.25
Sound: Really sets the mood and is just awesome. 4.5
Playability:Controls good and the menu system isnt complicated. Though the odd placement of the mini games tends to slow down the mood. 3.5
Bang for your buck: Side Quests will keep you entertained, even though its a bit shorter than Final Fantasy VII. However; for those seeking perfection, the card collecting and "weapons" will keep players wanting more 4.5
For the second Final Fantasy to be released on the Playstation, just shows off even more of the Playstation's power as well as what kind of games to expect. 4.3 / 5.0