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Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Role-Playing Game
Publisher: Squaresoft / Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Squaresoft
Release Date: August 1997

Written by:Squall

Some people would say that Final Fantasy 7 was perhaps one of the best Final Fantasies of all times. Some would say it’s because of the graphics, others would say because of the characters of storyline, some would say because of the playability of the game…..but I’m here to give you the truth about FF7.

The storyline revolves around Cloud Strife, an Ex-SOLDIER who joined this group called Avalanche whom is against Shinra (the ‘evil corporation’). Later on a bit of a love story forms between Cloud and Aeris (the flower girls) and cut to the chase without blowing the storyline, your party ends up on a quest to save the planet.

The graphics were ok. I loved the cut scenes which showed the power of the Playstation. This was also the first Final Fantasy game to use full motion video. All though I hated the polygon looked as the characters looked like some busted bobble heads All though for the first Final Fantasy on a 32-bit system, it did set the groundwork for others, and I was really excited that the music quality improved to some tracks that sound like they were performed live with real instruments. (You’ll have to play to understand what I mean)

The magic and battle systems went through a couple changes. The magic system was revamped to where your weapons and armor have slots in it for “materia” these materia crystals gain strength with AP earned form battles. The materia has various spells that can be activated with a certain amount of AP. With the battle system ach time you took a hit, energy would be stored in your limit meter. when your meter is full, you can do a limit break that is a real powerful attack (depending on some circumstances that vary character by character), each character has their own set of skills and as the game goes on, and the characters participate in so man battles, you learn new limit skills…however, the last and most powerful one you have to find, and equip it yourself f(these are Level 4 limit breaks that I’m referring to and the only way to equip them is to make sure the character has all six limit breaks prior to).

One of the biggest additions to the game is the weapons, and I’m not referring to what the characters use in physical combat. There are 4 weapons in the game…and for storyline reasons; only one is required to be defeated. The other one, you fight to a degree, but it runs off. All though the 3 optional ones are not required to be defeated to advance in the storyline, they have awesome prizes to help you out; however…with those awesome prizes (not to mention generous experience, AP, and Gil), comes one hell of a fight, that will have you saying ouch and feeling the burn weeks to come. None the less, they serve as a great challenge, and if you can handle these weapons, the final boss should be a piece of cake.

Final Fantasy VII was the first and certainly not last Final Fantasy game to be released on the Playstation (and the Playstation 2, and Playstation 3); it showed just what is possible. Just not all at once.

Graphics: Awesome FMV and cinema clips, realistic backgrounds. Unfortunately much can’t be said about the blocko creatures that invaded the game. Good, but not great 3.75
Sound: A few timeless tracks that live on to this game such as “One Winged-Angel”. A few tracks sound like they were leftovers from Final Fantasy VI. 4
Playability:Controls like any typical RPG, storyline with quite a few twists and turns; however, some parts just seem too random 4.0
Bang for your buck: For a game that can last about a good 50 hours for an experienced player, it does have a lot to do. Much credit for the adding of weapons to give “masters” a chance to put up or shut up 4.25
For the first Final Fantasy game to be released on the Playstation, it just shows the potential for how kick-ass the rest of the series can be. 4.0 / 5.0

EL GORDO's 2 cents

Written by:El Gordo

I am not going to bore you with the details of the game considering you might have already played the game or you have just read the previous review. Some things I liked about the game was the introduction of Materia, the Weapons and…………

That is about it. I pretty much think the game is like one long cheap soap opera with swords and nothing Cloud does is worthy for his bad-ass reputation (Cid could probably kick his ass). I don’t like how the characters are in polygon form, they remind of the shaped blocks I played with as a kid. The mini-games are kind of cool but serve no purpose. Some of the tracks are worse than the last Madonna album………

Here is how I really see the game, as it is today. I understand this game can be considered a classic because of how ground breaking it was for its day, but it doesn’t make it a great game. The game lacks any kind of sympathy you might have for the characters due to the dialogue. The game takes to many twists and turns, which makes the storyline diluted and leaves you with questions unanswered. The game play can sometimes get annoying. The fact that you have to equip. Materia and then acquire MP to use the magic seems like a rip off, because in some cases you are forced to purchase Materia. The Materia concept is a good one, but is poorly executed due to how difficult it is to level up. The limit breaks were ok and in some cases actually creative. In some cases the limit breaks are cheap and a waste of time to perform on enemies.

To put it plainly this game is way overrated even by today’s standards. Honestly my only reason for playing this game is to see the cut scene at the end of disc 1.

Graphics: Cut scenes are done well. The rest of the game leaves a lot to be desired 3
Sound: It has good sound effects but most of the soundtrack isn’t even worth listening to. 3.5
Playability:The buttons react well to your commands, but considering you don’t have that many commands buttons are not used. A Nintendo controller would have worked well on this game. 3
Bang for your buck: It has some pretty good cut scenes and some good quests. But not enough for me to go through again 3
This game is living proof that more is not better 3.0 / 5.0