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Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Technos
Release Date: 1990

Written by:El Gordo

The ever popular sequel to the arcade smash hit, this time you are out for revenge because Marian was killed. It is now a 2 player game, which I find confusing since in the first game you had to fight your brother. Oh well, let's keep moving along. Instead of gaining abilities throughout the game, you now have all abilities accesible in the beginning. Weapons are more deadly. Grenedes have replaced sticks of dynamite, steel pipes instead of baseball bats, and flails/maces (whatever you want to call them) are now being wielded leaving the S & M whip behind. Basically the same control as the arcade version, except elbows cannot be used (it took a few game over screens to figure this out). Enemies now resemble the gymnastics event in the Olympics, all they needed were the ribbon twirlers as weapons. Some bosses now disappear and their clothes fall into a small pile, and then they magically reanimate themselves. Oddly enough the guy who shoots Marian is not present as a boss, although you do have to fight your shadow (Peter Pan would have been proud). The fighting is a lot more fast paced than the arcade and the games predocessor. Some enemies wield sticks now.

Levels have been completely retooled from the arcade version and in some cases just plain stupid. Because of your techniques, enemies can now be killed with one blow. The only difficult thing is figuring the storyline out. Fighting the last boss is like fighting Mary Lou Retton on steroids. Marian is alive again because the 2 brothers fought off the evil and fulfilled the Double Dragon prophecy. I thought they were out for revenge, not to become spiritually enlightened. The whole storyline with gameplay involved, is like a cheap 1 issue released comic book. It's really funny how easy this game is to play, the game before this involved some type of skill to get through because of how the AI aspect worked. This game all you really need to do is some strong move, that resembles Harley Race doing a high knee. There is nothing to really spoil, unless you want me to tell you that this game has story transitions equal to Final Fantasy VII (we won't go there right now). At least they were kind enough to give us a complete makeover of characters, instead of the original guy walking around like he is trying to hold up his pants. Well I guess that is the game in a nutshell. Gymnastics meets martial arts, all that was missing was the judging panel.

Graphics: Better than the first, characters look better. Although, background graphics were better in the first game 2.0
Sound: The helicopters sound realistic..........everything else sounded like a garbage truck. 1.0
Playability: Controls are just a pain in the ass to deal with, punches and kicks are delayed. At least you can easily move yourself to the door of the helicopter, for a quick escape........errrr I mean death. 1.5
Bang for your buck: : It should be banged by William Hung. Arcade version was way better. 1.5
If you like these type of game, you might like it. For those who do like it, what the hell are you thinking? 1.5 / 5.0