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Deadly Moves

Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Kaneko
Developer: Kaneko
Release Date: 1992

Written by: El Gordo

What can I say? Other than this game should be titled Deadly Copycat. Yep, from the cheap wannabes of characters of Street Fighter to the crappy moves. This game is not even in the same league as other top quality fighting games.

The controls are just awful, the lack of creativity in naming the characters, the so called bonus levels. Even the name spells crap. Going through this game was worse than getting cavities filled. The last fighter you fight is called Ranker. The name says it all, STUPID. The guys name should have been called Wanker.

The game is pretty quick, just 7 fighters will small health meters. What the hell? They shouldn’t even have life meters. They should try and get lives. Graphically it is below decent and that’s about the only nice thing you can say. Aside from that on the whole it blows.

Overall you would be wasting money, if you bought this. Nothing is worse than losing money on a game or worse ruining your life playing this game. Honestly, I cannot get back the 25 minutes of my life playing this game

Graphics: Boooooooooo! 1.0
Sound: Metroid has better music. 0.75
Playability:As for the controlling, terrible! Marble Madness controls better. In terms of the storyline and gameplay, Jeopardy Jr. is better 0
Bang for your buck: the retailer should pay you to buy this game much less play it. The only good use for this game is for a fire starter when you go camping 0
I made a Deadly Move in touching this game in general, yet alone playing it. 0.35 / 5.0