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Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Valve
Release Date: Holiday 2003

Written by: Joe

“Go! Go! Go!” Those are the first words that Xbox players will here when they first start playing Counter-Strike for the Xbox for the first time. Now just so you know Counter-Strike is not your ordinary military based game for its single player mode is not like that of any other military FPS’s (First Person Shooter) before it. You see its single player mode ( as well as its training mode) is basically a tutorial mode to prepare you for its online mode so that you will know what you are doing when you are running around with 15 other people through 20 maps ( If you have Xbox live of course and 20 if you include the two extra maps you download on ‘Live). You can also adjust the number of people you can have in the games you host online.

Now, before you start on the single or online mode of CS you will be asked to join either the Counter-terrorist (the marine type group) or the Terrorist team and the missions that you can participate in are “Hostage rescue” and “Demolition”. Before going into explanation of the two basic game modes, I would like to talk about when you start the round(s) at the start of each round; you are given money to buy your weapons and accessories. You can only buy these items in Buy zones which are indicated by a shopping cart icon. When the round starts, you are given a few seconds to buy your stuff before the round starts and you become a target. You can buy up to 90 seconds from the round start, but be warned, when in buy mode, you can get shot. The amount of money you receive is based on a variety of factors such as: did your team win or lose and how the team won (elimination, or completing the objective. You also earn individual money for each kill you’ve made and hostage rescue. HOWEVER; hurting/killing hostages will COST you. With that said, let me explain the game types.

With the hostage mission all you have to do as a CT is find and escort the hostages from where the terrorists are holding them and go to the rescue point of the map you are in. Now, as a Terrorist, all you have to do when on that side is keep the CTs from rescuing the said hostages. At the end of the match, a point is given and depending on circumstances, the point will go to one team or another. IF the CTs rescue ALL hostages, CTs earn the point. Terrorists will earn the point if the time runs out and there is AT LEAST one hostage that has yet to reach the rescue point. A point can be earned by each team for successfully eliminating their opposition.

Now for “Demolition”. All you have to do when you are on the Terrorist team with this mission is take plant the bomb at one of two locations. Most maps the CTs start on one of the bombing locations. The bomb is given to a randomly chosen player at the start of the round. However; if that player is killed, the bomb then drops. If another terrorist picks up the bomb, that terrorist will be in control of the bomb. Once the bomb has been plated, CTs will have a certain amount of time to not only find the bomb, but defuse it. It is recommended that all CTs buy the bomb defuse kit when in the buy zones at the start of the match, because it will save you a few seconds in defusing. The round is over if: one team eliminates the other team (in which case eliminated team loses round), the bomb is planted and goes off (Terrorist win), or the bomb is planted, and then defused (in which case the CTs will win)

Also, just so you know only 5 out of the 20 maps have hostage rescue missions and 9 out of the 20 missions just have demolition missions. If you go online, it is vital that you have a headset to verbally communicate with your team. Just like all online gaming, if you let your kids play online, be warned that there may be langauge spoken by other players which may be offensive.

But with its flaws the game still manages to pull out 4 out of 5.

(This review has been edited by Squall)