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American Gladiators

Genre: Sports
Publisher: Gametek
Developer: Incredible Technologies Inc.
Release Date: 1991

Written by:Squall

I do not know about most people, but when I was a kid growing up, American Gladiators was such an awesome show. I was even more thrilled that it was being ported to the NES. Unfortunatley, the NES game is not up to par.

First off, you know how the TV shows. You play through 5-7 events (depending on the season) and go to the eliminator. How the game goes is that you have X amount of lives to survive each level. Each level has the same five games, Assault, Human Cannonball, Power ball, The Wall, and the Joust.

Assault plays more like a cheap space game. Run to the weapon, grab weapon, and fire weapon to hit Gladiator. , who is hovering over you shooting balls repeatedly. Depending on what level you are on varies the amount of hits on the gladiator you need to win the game Powerball, there are five pods and three gladiators, stuff a ball into each pod before time runs out. Get hit by a gladiator with the ball, and you lose it, and must run to the opposite side of the field The Joust is where you hit the gladiator, hop to the next podium…repeat Human Cannonball combines the action of “Pitfall Harry” and his whip swinging over the pit. However, at the edge of the pit is a podium with a gladiator. Knock him off, repeat

The wall. Climbing the wall (via button mashing) maneuvering around the various obstacles and avoiding the gladiator who follows you up a few seconds after you start, to make your way to the top Beat all events in the level; you get to go to the next level.

This game….sure as hell does not follow the TV show, and there are just some major flaws in both rules (versus the TV show and common sense). Now if you are suppose to be climbing the wall, how is it that gladiators above you can knock you off. The controlling is decent, but the bottom line is that this is one of those NES titles that if I actually owned a copy of the game, it would be smashed into little pieces by now.

Graphics: My speak and spell has better graphics. 1.0
Sound: For an NES title, the want to be “up tempo music” just has nothing to listen too, no real melody or somewhat decent sound effects 0.5
Playability: The controls are the best part of this stinker, the gameplay itself is no where near the original show, terrible is an understatement. 1.0
Bang for your buck: Oh yes, give me a buck and I will bang it with the hammer. Wait, I take it back, I will do it free of charge 0.0
Shortly afterwards, the Super Nintnendo copy was released. Trust me, its a lot better. 0.5 / 5.0