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What is Judge Gamer? Judge Gamer is a website and our goal is to be real about the games that we play and review. It took quite a few reviews from other magazines and websites to give reason for this site to be created.

The founder of the site, Squall, has a vision. That vision was to have a site that had gamers review what they played and put their honest opinions in, about how they felt; not how they wanted people to feel. His idea for this site came to life after being mislead about several games that were given high praise and over-hyped.

It’s easy for us to write our reviews about how we feel about a game, because it is truly how we feel without being motivated by outside forces or personal gain. It would be hard for us to write a bad review about an upcoming Pepsi product if Pepsi was our main sponsor and/or being advertised heavily through the site. If we were to do so, we may risk losing a sponsor; therefore, loss of money. Unlike most reviews, we pay to play. We don’t have the luxury of being given early copies, free copies mailed to us, or even the head of the company giving us a copy of the game to play. If we play, we put in our money, so we feel that this gives the review more honestly, because it’s easy to slam a game that’s free, versus something you invested in. Even if we were paid, if it sucks; it freakin' sucks. There’s no amount of money to get us to say that one of the best inspirational fighting game ever is Shaq-Fu. No amount of money would be enough to say the Atari games that really rocked were Pac-Man and ET. No amount of money would ever make us say that Home Alone and Home Alone 2 were worthy of being accurate in terms of transferring the movie to a NES playable game. If that day ever comes when that happens, then clearly we have sold out and deserve to be flashing “Game Over” on our main page.

This is not a slam, an insult, to anyone, or any website, magazine, or other publications as well as reviewers. This is just our mission statement to bring to the public a true opinion on a title without all the hype built in. Just because it’s the “greatest game” claimed by publications; doesn’t necessarily make it a hit. Even though its the number of copies sold that determine how game a worthy is of becoming a Greatest Hits, Player’s Choice, Platinum choice, All-star, kick ass game of the week, bomb bizzle fo’ shizzle, etc, the gamers are those whom determine if it's really a hit, and possibly even "classic" After all, I’m sure most of us are holding onto our ‘worthy’ Virtual Boys that Nintendo Power recommended, right?